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Andrea Carboni-2
Hi all,

here is the last beta (probably). We will deliver a RC around
July, 20th and the final version by end of July.

There are 2 main features:

- CSW harvesting: it harvests from CSW/2.0.1 but, being the
  spec a bit vague in some points, the harvester could get
  problems on some servers

- Intermap integration: we integrated both Intermap and a
  geographic search (in the main page, press 'geographic search').
  The integration still has some problems that we could not fix
  in time for the beta. If you plan to use geonetwork with a servlet
  container other than jetty, please fix some paths in intermap config
  file (tempDir and httpCacheDir) because there is no graphical way
  to set them now.

There are some other features we will add before RC but we encourage
users to provide feedback to fix problems in time.


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