GeoNetwork Metadata harvesting from THREDDS server

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GeoNetwork Metadata harvesting from THREDDS server

Hello everyone,

I'm currently investigating the solution of harvesting metadata files from a
THREDDS server (version 4.6.12) into a Geonetwork (version 3.4).
The metadata files are created but many error are introduced in the process
(e.g. many weird keywords added). I believe the problem lies in the
conversion of MD standard from DIF format to ISO19139 by Geonetwork.
To overcome this problem I enable ncISO plugin in THREDDS. This works like a
charm and I can visualize nice ISO19139 metadata files in my browser
(directly from the THREDDS server).
Therefore I try to harvest only the ISO format of the Metadata but I don't
get how I can do that (if I can).
For another harvesting I use a WAF which simply has an address like
localhost:8080/datasets/iso and it works perfect.
For THREDDS the basic catalog address is
"http://localhost:8080/thredds/enhancedCatalog.xml" so I tried
"http://localhost:8080/thredds/iso/enhancedCatalog.xml" but of course it
doesn't work (it would have been too easy :) ).
Anyone has already run into that problem and has an idea how to solve it?
Thanks a lot for your help,
N. de Ville

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