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GeoNetwork 2.1.0 alpha-1

Andrea Carboni-2
Hi all,

from the project page you can download the first alpha of geonetwork 2.1.
After installing it, remember to use the 'admin'/'admin' as username and
password because what you provide in the installer gets discarded (we
started to refactor the installer).

here is a list of what is new:

- Added Lucene FuzzyQuery support
- Added catalogue services for the web 2.0.1
- Added ISO19115 CSW 2.0.1 output stylesheets (thanks to Steven Smolders/Stefaan Desender)
- Added RSS search services
- Added chinese localization (thanks to Enri Zhou)
- Added log4j to both jeeves and geonetwork
- Logs moved into jetty/log folder. Now old logs are archived

- Added web/WEB-INF/db/data.tgz. This is an empty McKoi database ready for use,
  very usefull to users that do a cvs checkout/update: simply unpack where it is.

- Added localization of categories, groups, regions, operations and profiles
- Added an Ajax wen interface to configure harvesting
- Removed uuid-2.1.0.jar: used java 1.5 builtin UUID class
- Removed jaxen: used java 1.5 classes
- Increased connection pool to 10 connection to allow harvesting tasks
- Added more information to users (email, address, organisation etc...)

- Fixed the metadata-util.xsl stylesheet so that GeoNetwork can run on Java 1.6
  (thanks to Andrew Davie)

- Added 'author' to the RoleCd codelist
- Harvesting engine totally rewritten to provide more flexibility

- Now the search engine works with Chinese language (thanks to Enri Zhou)

- Fixed bug with user list: if the user is an Administrator but with id other
  than 1 only a subset of the groups where shown

- Fixed bug with thumbnails stylesheet: now the 'back' button is correctly

- Fixed validation bug when adding a new metadata

- Fixed problem with IPv6 protocol: geonetwork was unable to handle the
  0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1 local address.

- Fixed a security hole: using sql injection was possible to login into geonetwork
- Fixed "Services is not a subcontext" exception with Z39.50
- Added reconnection patch for MySQL (thanks to Enri Zhou)
- Fixed a security hole in user management : a user admin could gain admin privileges

Some notes:

- the iso 19139 can be viewed but not edited

- the new harvesting interface works but the server is not completed so now
  you cannot harvest from anywhere

- the CSW has some problem that we fixed after having created/tested the jar file

We have planned to release a new alpha in November (first or second week) with
some more bugs fixed and a few other advances.