GeoForAll workshop on basic GIS at IASC 2019

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GeoForAll workshop on basic GIS at IASC 2019

Sergio Acosta y Lara
​​GeoForAll​ is an open geospatial science promotion network that promotes mutual exchange and cooperation among its members, through training activities, academic exchange, dissemination, availability of teaching materials, development of joint projects, among others. Its fundamental principles include: free and open software, open standards, open data, open educational resources, and free access to research publications.

It is in this context that we will hold a workshop on basic GIS with gvSIG​ as one of the activities of IASC 2019​ ( XVII Biennial IASC Conference, entitled ‘In Defense of the Commons: Challenges, Innovation, and Action’) to be held at the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Peru (Lima, Peru) from 01 to 05 July 2019. The workshop will be held prior to the conference on Friday, June 28 between 8 and 17 (Peru time, -5 UTC) in video-conference mode (remote instructor and assistants in the classroom, with on-site instructor support). After it we will put all the materials available to recreate what was done in the workshop at any time and place.

I would like to thank the organizers for allowing the opportunity to share this instance of training. Also thank Marino Carhuapoma who will officiate as a support instructor in the place. And especially my thanks to Charlie Schweik (University of Massachusetts Amherst) who made this possible to happen.​


Sergio Acosta y Lara
Departamento de Geomática
Dirección Nacional de Topografía
Ministerio de Transporte y Obras Públicas
(598)29157933 ints. 20329/20330

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