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Алексей Фролов
Hi, dear colleagues!
We would like to join to the GeoForAll initiative.
I represent the Laboratory of Historical Geoinfrormatics at the Institute of World History, Russian Academy of Sciences.
Our Laboratory was founded in 2015. 
The main goals of our Lab are as follows:
- development of algorithms for the application of geoinformation technologies in historical and geographical studies
- integration of historical data in the GIS space
- development of the concept of national historical GIS as a technology platform that combines research efforts of specialists in various fields of historical knowledge

Our professional experience allows us to “generate” geospatial data by georeferencing of data that historical sources contain. On the other hand we are mastering specific GIS-technologies skills in collaboration with various organisations: ООО "NextGIS” (Moscow), the Department of Historical Informatics of the Faculty of History at Moscow State University (Moscow), the Department of the Historical Atlas of the Institute of History of Polish Academy of Sciences (Warsaw) and others. In particular in 2015 and 2016 we were trained at “NextGIS” which is known as a Russian developer of QGIS software.
In the former years we had been engaged in several historical projects. Some results are represented on pages of our site:
More complicated versions of our web-GIS are represented on the site of the Russian State Archive of Ancient Documents:

We suppose that notable increase in a number of experts who are actively using GIS as a tool will never happen before the significant increase in a number of historians who are addressing the available GIS-projects via the Internet as consumers of information. That is why the prospect of an on-line publication of more and more historical GIS-projects and the familirization with them of scholars’ community seems to be strategically important for the years to come. Work on this prospect is one of the most important activities of our Laboratory. The next some years we are going to develop the mentioned projects and to start some others. Also we intend to improve the technical solutions that are being used and to develop approaches that allow a wide range of people to use already accumulated historical geodata.

We use open soft and share our results for free. We are interested in increasing of academic and technological communications. 

Best regards,
Alexey Frolov, 
head of the Laboratory of Historical Informatics, 
senior research fellow of the Center of Historical Geography (Russian Academy of Sciences)

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