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[GeoForAll-Europe] Cheers and EGU 2016 initiative

Raffaele Albano

Dear GEOforALL Europe members,

I have joined the osgeo group from short time but I'm really interested to give my active contribute to this excellent community, if it is possible.
I’m a research associate at University of Basilicata (UNIBAS) where I work in the field of water resource management, in particular flood risk and management, GIS and hydrology. I’m also co-founder of the UNIBAS Wat-TUBE spin-off where we work on the development of software in the field of environmental monitoring.
I’m new in the FOSS community but, since I have started to work in the geoscience field, I strongly believe that the scientific community should support in a deeper way the open geo-science.
As Early Career Scientists Representative (ECR) of Natural Hazard (NH) Division of EGU (European Geoscieces Union) (http://www.egu.eu/ecs/representatives/), I want to invite all the scientists that are part of OSGeo community to propose ideas, initiatives, activities and session of EGU2016 that I can propose to the NH Division and EGU community.
In this context, I want to promote at EGU 2016 a short course which gives introductions to OSGeo software tools and give an overview of some excellent scientific application cases of FOSS tools.
I’m part of the opengeoscience osgeo project and some members of this group have suggested me to contact GEOforALL that maybe could be interested in this initiative. I hope to receive your support and suggestions.


Raffaele Albano
Eng PhD

Research Associate - University of Basilicata
CoFounder - Wat-TUBE Spinoff
NH ECS Raprs - European Geosciences Union

tel. <a href="tel:%2B390971205157" value="+390971205157" target="_blank" class="">+390971205157
nome skype: albano.raffaele

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