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Gast / comments on migration procedure

François-Xavier PRUNAYRE

Hi list, some comments on the migration procedure.


Maybe in Gast in the panel “Migrate an old Geonetwork” should also say that user MUST not start any GeoNetwork (Old and new node) before migration (GAST will do).


Once the directory selected, GAST will look for an Old installation dir as SELECTED_DIR/web/geonetwork/WEB-INF/config.xml (It could be different according to installation made of 2.0.3, web/geonetwork could not exist or be slightly different according to servlet name).


In the migration, I first get an exception “com.mckoi.database.jdbc.MSQLException: Immediate foreign key constraint violation on delete (_ANONYMOUS_CONSTRAINT_18) Columns = APP.Metadata( owner ) -> APP.Us

ers( id )”. I removed the constraint before migration (and will recreate it after the migration completed :) :

alter table Metadata drop constraint _ANONYMOUS_CONSTRAINT_18

Any ideas on that exception ?


Then I got problem with my metadata. Gast saying ‘Metadata has no admin privilege’

That was a problem in my 2.03 db. I fixed the operationAllowed table and then migration was fine.


Cheers. Francois

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