GWC grid sets and expiring tiles with GeoRSS

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GWC grid sets and expiring tiles with GeoRSS

Charles Galpin-2
Hi all

I'd like to use the built in geowebcache integration with geoserver if I can,  but either way I have a few questions. I asked on the geowebcache list a few days ago and didn't get any bites so I figured I'd try here.

Some background: I have a layer that has it's data refreshed every minute so I'd like to invalidate the cache at the same frequency. The clients are mobile applications which ask for tiles in epsg:9000913 but in about 3 different sizes and I am unsure about the scales. I know everything "just works" with geoserver if I use an openlayers client or the gwc demo, but it fails if I modify one of the client requests to use the gwc instead of a straight getMap.

So my questions are

1.  Does geoserver provide a URL I can use for a georss feed to truncate the cache every minute or is there a better way to do this?
2. If I setup a custom geowebcache.xml can I just put in the <geoRssFeed/> block in my <wmsLayer/> block with the basics, or will this break all the magic default integration when I do so? If it breaks it, is there a way to get geoserver to generate the "default" version of the file for my setup so that I can then extend it?
3. Similarly is there any way to get a grid set generated based on the requests I have been getting or can you offer any help how to support these custom size/scales?


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