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GSoC proposal priorization

Jorge Sanz (gvSIG)

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Hi TSC members,

As on past years, gvSIG will participate at Google Summer of Code
through the OSGeo Foundation. We will proceed on the same fashion than
on previous years so after the deadline for students proposals we have
the responsibility as a committee to prioritize the five proposals to
provide them to the OSGeo foundation in order to let them allocate the
grants depending on the number of slots given to the Foundation and
the total number of proposals sent by the other Foundation projects.

Later today I'll sent to the list a document or link with the five
proposals, removing any reference to the student name so you can
"blindly" order them depending on your evaluation of the proposal. You
(TSC members) will only have to send me a private mail (jsanz [at]
gvisg [dot] com) with the names of the all proposals ordered by high
to low preference.

This year we finally have two students aplying to the same proposal
for gvSIG mini so the one with less votes will be removed from the
list sent to the OSGeo admins.

I hope everyone one the TSC membership will help to select the best
proposals. We don't ask a lot of this committee so is up to everyone
to involve more or less on the project, but this action is IMHO a must!!

Questions or comments?


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Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
gvSIG Team at Prodevelop
Technical Collaborations Manager
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