GSoC project "Create new rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop"

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GSoC project "Create new rules for the Topology Framework in gvSIG Desktop"

Binabh Devkota
Hello everyone,
I am a student of Bachelor's in Geomatics Engineering at Kathmandu
University, Nepal. I wish to participate in GSoC 2019 and have
realized that the project mentioned in subject would be good. I have
been through wiki pages and some documentation of gvSIG also. However
there are some doubts that I would like to make clear.

1. I think I have passed the Test to validate skills as given in ideas
wiki page using gvsig and gvsig.geom module. Should I also make a
interface using gvsig.commonsdialog and
gvsig.libs.formpanel.FormPanel? Do I have to submit the code I wrote
for the test during the proposal submission or I can contact with
mentors and show to them or is the test for me only and I do not have
to submit at all?

2. Since there are number of topology rules that can be implemented
like contains, removing overlaps, removing gaps and many other, what
are the rules that the organization wants to be made or does it
depends upon students and we must purpose the rules that we will be
developing in our proposals?

I hope I was clear and also It is my first time writing to a mailing
list and first time trying to contribute to a open source community.
So, any suggestion regarding any mistakes I made in this post are also
welcome. And sorry if these have been already answered somewhere else,
please provide a link and I will follow that.

Thank You!
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