GSoC Week 1 Report - Implement DbStorage class

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GSoC Week 1 Report - Implement DbStorage class

Jan Pišl

Hi everyone,

this is my report from week 1. It can also be found on my wiki page [0]. As always, any feedback is appreciated! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kind regards,

Jan Pišl

Week 1 report 

What did you get done this period?

I defined the first version of “DbStorage”, a class that will allow output data to be stored in one of RDBMSs supported (PostGIS, MS Server, Oracle spatial, SpatiaLite) [1] I downloaded PostgreSQL and PostGIS and run it locally on my computer. I tested it functions correctly by using code I had written previously to GSoC [2] that stores output data in PostGIS. I run some of PyWPS test processes and checked output data does get stored in PostGIS.

What do you plan on doing next week (period) ?

Implement PGStorage, a class within the DbStorage class that will store output data to PostGIS and returns database name, schema and table as a reference to the client. Start working on implementing MSServerStorage, OciStorage and SpatiaLiteStorage. Download, run and test SpatiaLite.

Are you blocked on anything?





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