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Jorge Sanz (gvSIG)
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Hi all,

This is a reminder of the timeline of the Google Summer of Code program
for 2012. I've also linked the gvSIG Ideas page to the general OSGeo
ideas frontpage, thank Fran PeƱarrubia for the update.

We have one month ahead to get students and mentors for proposals so
please don't let this opportunity pass! If you have any chance to mentor
or apply to the program please do it!, is a great experience that past
years people have enjoyed a lot.


- - March 16: Google announces accepted organizations. If OSGeo is
accepted as an organization for Google Summer of Code, start talking to
us earlier rather than later.

- - March 26: Student applications open. The earlier you start the more
probable it is that you will be accepted! There is two way feedback
during the application process which really helps you improve and
clarify your application before the final deadline. The better your
involvement with your potential mentors during this period, the better
your chances of being selected.

- - April 6: Student application deadline.

- - April 23: Accepted student proposals are announced.

- - May 21: Coding begins! (you may unofficially start a week or two
earlier if you know you'll have to take a week or two off during The
Summer or you'll be sitting finals in the first week(s) of the program.
This must be reflected in your application timeline)
July 13: Mid-term evaluation.

- - August 13: Pencils down!

- - August 24: Final evaluation deadline

- - August 27: Final results announced

- - August 31: Students begin submitting required code samples to Google

- --
Jorge Gaspar Sanz Salinas
gvSIG Team at Prodevelop
Technical Collaborations Manager
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