GSoC 2020: Adjustments to the Timeline and Around 1 week remaining for Student Application Period

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GSoC 2020: Adjustments to the Timeline and Around 1 week remaining for Student Application Period

Rajat Shinde
Dear All,

We hope that you all are healthy and safe and taking good care of dear ones. 
Due to COVID-19 pandemic, there has been some adjustments done in the GSoC 2020 timeline by the Google OSPO team. 

Yes, GSoC 2020 is still happening with the following significant adjustments to the timeline:

1. 3 weeks to review student proposals (updated from 2 weeks)
  • Adjusted duration for Student proposal review is now March 31-April 20.
2. Extended Community Bonding period to 4 weeks (updated from 3 weeks)
  • The official coding period starts June 1. The Community Bonding Period will be from May 4-31. This will allow enhanced mentor-student interaction and will help the student in getting familiar with the project community.
Please note that there is no change in the Student Application Period (which has already started on March 16). The deadline for submitting the final project proposals by the Students is unchanged i.e. March 31 1800 UTC. The updated timeline is available at [1].

We have already started receiving student proposals for feedback and comments and are expecting more responses in the coming days. Thanks to the students for sharing their proposals. 

@Students: It is high time for start preparing your draft proposals and sharing it with the community for feedback and comments. Don't forget to update adjustments in the timeline if you have already prepared the draft proposal. The final proposal should be submitted after logging into the GSoC Dashboard. Please take a moment to get well-versed with the Dashboard to avoid last minute hassle.

Finally, nothing is more important than health and safety of human life. Please continue taking good care of yourself and loved ones.

Stay safe and keep sanitizing your keyboard!

With kind regards,
Your OSGeo GSoC Admins

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