GSoC 2018 Week 9 Report - "Database Output Storage for PyWPS"

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GSoC 2018 Week 9 Report - "Database Output Storage for PyWPS"

Jan Pišl

Hi everyone,

this is my report from week 9. It can also be found on my wiki page [0]. This week, I spent most time refactoring and optimizing the code. As always, any feedback is appreciated! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kind regards,

Jan Pišl

Week 9 report 

What did you get done this period?


- Together with my mentor we decided not to implement a functionality for handling metadata at this time.

- I established a connection between PostgreSQL and SQLite and Mapserver [1]. This allows sample output data to be served as a WMS service and viewed in e.g. QGIS.

- I created sample requests for both PostgreSQL and SQLite [2]

What do you plan on doing next week (period) ?

- Edit current code and automatize connection with MapServer so any output data can be viewed as a WMS service.

Are you blocked on anything?





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