GSoC 2018 Week 4 Report - "Database Output Storage for PyWPS"

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GSoC 2018 Week 4 Report - "Database Output Storage for PyWPS"

Jan Pišl

Hi everyone,

this is my report from week 4. It can also be found on my wiki page [0]. As always, any feedback is appreciated! 

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

Kind regards,

Jan Pišl

Week 4 report 

What did you get done this period?

-I changed the structure of the code. Classes PgStorage and SQLiteStorage are now stored in separate files in the db folder. FileStorage is in a separate file, too. Rest of the code is in the __init__ files. [1]

- I added the data_type attribute to inout/formats/ At the moment, allowed values are either vector or raster using the enum module. This was done so when storing output data it can be differed between raster and vector data and appropriate method can be used. [2]

- The Dbstorage class has been simplified. Instead of creating an instance of the class in and calling the get_db_type method in the constructor, get_db_type is now a static method and gets called directly in [3]

- PgStorage accesses the data_type value and calls appropriate method (store_vector_output or store_raster_output) [4]

 - I implemented the store_raster_output method in the PgStorage class [5]

What do you plan on doing next week (period) ?

- Implement store_raster_output for SQLiteStorage

- Implement another method for storing other types of data (string, CSV, etc.)

- Write a script that tests whether different data types get stored correctly

- Submit the Phase 1 evaluation.

Are you blocked on anything?






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