GSoC 2016 - OL3-Google-Maps library

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GSoC 2016 - OL3-Google-Maps library

Samuel Lapointe
Hello all! I'm applying on this year's edition of Google Summer of Code, so I thought I could introduce myself here.

For those who've never heard of it, Google Summer of Code (GSoC in short) is a program where students are financed by Google to participate in various open source projects during the summer. I participated last year and it was a great experience, so I'm applying to be a part of it again this year.

The project I want to work on is the OpenLayers - Google Maps integration library. Its main objective is to let the user add a Google Maps basemap to an OpenLayers map, while keeping the OL features synchronised with the basemap. You can find the project on Github by following this link, and a blog post detailing the objectives of the library here.

I am already in contact with the leader of the project, but I hope I can get input from the OpenLayers community as well on the possible objectives for this summer.

Have a nice day!

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