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GSOC 2018 Gisquick project

David těthal
I am writing to express my interest in Gisquick project supporting WPS in publication process. My name is David Tethal and I study Geo-mathematics at Faculty of Civil Engineering in Czech technical university in Prague, Czech republic. Apart from my study, I get programming experience from my freelance work mostly focused on front-end web development. Currently I am working on my master thesis about Gisquick platform extension supporting spatio-temporal vector data. 
In spite of the fact that the offered project sounds very interesting and challenging to me, I was also wondering if there would be a possibility of making my own project under your supervision. It might be based on my final thesis adding more functionality into Gisquick platform which will make it a powerful tool to support general multidimensional both vector and raster data.
Please let me know your opinion about my idea.


David Tethal 

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