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Christian Wygoda
Hello everyone,

to make it clear (again):
- Qt4 is GPL under all platforms supported by Qt (Windows, Linux/X11, Mac OS X9
- Qt4 runs natively on all supported platforms

Any OpenGL-command can be rendered onto a special QGLWidget which blends easily into rest of the Qt API. I find the idea of starting 3D interesting, 2D is just a flat 3D, inst't it.

One thing I like very much about Qt4 is that it provides modules for most commonly needed tasks:
- Gui, including a very solid and flexible mainwindow class
- Threads
- Model/View(/Controller) architecture
- Network
- OpenGL
- SVG (in upcoming 4.1 release, still not complete)

So we all know by now that I am Qt-biased, so let`s get away from this.
We have heard some good ideas on that a work-orientated GUI must have. Keep them flowing in.
Once we see that no more new ideas are flowing in i would be nice to collect all what has been said and compile it as an overview in preparation for a possible roadmap.

A respectful cheers to everyone listening in,

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