[GRASS5] GRASS 6 extension manager second release!

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[GRASS5] GRASS 6 extension manager second release!

This is to announce the second public version of the GRASS Extensions
Since the last release, I fixed all serious bugs that were open and
completed the functionality that I would like to have for the 1.0

I have also added a number of extensions to try out. Most notably,
you will find a new version of the Dempster-Shafer-Theory predictive
modelling tools. These tools have seen a complete overhaul and are now
much better than what was previously available from Michael Barton's
homepage. Documentation has been much improved and everything adapted
to GRASS 6.

[Michael: could you delete the file on your homepage and set a link
to the files on my page?]

All extensions come with README files. HTML documentation has been
polished up a lot.

You can download the files from my (German) homepage:


Check the links at the bottom of the main text frame.

gem-0.95.tgz is the C source code for the extensions manager plus
some documentation and a Linux libc 2.3 executable.

Please excuse the poor state of the documentation. I am still working on
it, but field season will start soon, so don't expect too much before

If you downloaded and compiled gem, you can e.g. do the following from
inside a GRASS session:

gem http://www.uni-kiel.de/ufg/dateienDucke/RasterTools.tgz

This should download the extension 'RasterTools' including HTML docs and
GIS Manager entries. If you restart GIS Manager, you should
find a new 'Xtns' menu. HTML docs are accessible from the
main GRASS index.html.

Please look for more info in the README file and let me know
how it works for you. I would be thankful if someone could
compile and try this program on MacOS X and CygWin as I do not
have access to such a system right now.

[Michael: did you have any luck resolving the problems with
your C compiler?]



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