[GRASS-GUI] Server Client based use of Grass

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[GRASS-GUI] Server Client based use of Grass

We are thinking aubout using grass in a region with very bad internet
acces, but we would like to us it centrally nevertheless.
My Question is:
Is there a possibility to use only the gui on a client and connect it to
a Server?
Or :
Is there another gui with this possibility?

Useing "ssh -X" is not realy posible, because of the mass of Data.
Useing only ssh without X is a problem because of the users.
Useing a nfs-share could be a possibility, bud I think the mass of Data
is to big too.

I heard about a webbased interface, bud that isen't realy the Idea, what
I had in mind was more a concept like freeciv or mldonky / mlgui

thanks a lot

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