GRASS GIS (trunk) and python 3 - testing welcome

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GRASS GIS (trunk) and python 3 - testing welcome

Helmut Kudrnovsky
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Dear OSGeo community,

the GRASS GIS dev team is working on a python 3-support/transition [1] of
the source code in trunk [2].
winGRASS GIS 7.7svn daily builds with python 3 are already available as
standalone installers [3] or in OSGeo4W [4]; see:

System Info                                                                    
GRASS Version: 7.7.svn                                                          
GRASS SVN revision: r74011                                                      
Build date: 2019-01-25                                                          
Build platform: x86_64-w64-mingw32                                              
GDAL: 2.4.0                                                                    
PROJ.4: 5.2.0                                                                  
GEOS: 3.7.0                                                                    
SQLite: 3.26.0                                                                  
Python: 3.7.0  <==                                                              
wxPython: 4.0.3                                                                
Platform: Windows-10-10.0.17763-SP0 (OSGeo4W)  

In [5] there are hints how to test it in e.g. Linux.

As the GRASS GIS transition to python 3 covers changes in many lines of
code, a broader testing by the community is very welcome.

Problems and bugs can be reported in the GRASS GIS trac [6].
Thanks and kind regards


best regards
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