GRASS GIS 7.8.3 released

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GRASS GIS 7.8.3 released

Markus Neteler

What’s new in a nutshell

As a follow-up to the previous GRASS GIS 7.8.2 we have published the new release GRASS GIS 7.8.3. Besides other improvements, this release offers numerous wxGUI improvements and a number of Mac-specific, more or less critical bugfixes. A notable improvement is the now working vector digitizer. Moreover, while still in the works, an automated source code quality test system has been started. The overview of new features in the 7.8 release series is available at new features in GRASS GIS 7.8. See also our detailed announcement with the full list of changes and bugs fixed at

Binaries/Installer download:

Source code download:

First time users may explore the first steps tutorial after installation.


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