GRASS GIS 7.0.0 RC2 released

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GRASS GIS 7.0.0 RC2 released

Markus Neteler
We are pleased to announce the second release candidate of the
upcoming stable GRASS GIS 7.0.0 version.
Between 7.0.0RC1 and the current 7.0.0RC2 about 100 updates have been applied.


 * Updated Welcome and splash screens
 * 3D raster: terminology cleanup (raster3D -> 3D raster) in commands and manual
 * g.proj: generate PROJ_EPSG file (contains EPSG code) when location is given
 * r.cost, r.walk: change percent_memory to memory (in MB)
 * v.extract: index added
 * do not use old projection for area calculations in new projection
 * v.generalize: self-intersection fix
 * v.patch, v.reclass, v.overlay, v.vect.stats: accommodate SQLite
 * vector lib: numerical stability fixes for centroid calculation
 * vector lib: more robust topology engine
 * some simple mononchrome color tables added
 * wxGUI/nviz: 3D rendering fixes
 * several translations updated

Related updates in QGIS:
 * Further updates in QGIS Processing - GRASS GIS 7 interface submitted to QGIS

Related updates in OSGeo-Live:
 * GRASS GIS 7.0.0 RC2 planned to be shipped with the new OSGeo-Live 8.5

See also our detailed announcement:



Source code:


Please test on "any" platform which is supported (GNU/Linux,
MS-Windows, Mac OSX, *BSD, ...).

The GRASS Development Team
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