GRASS GIS 6.4.0 RC7 published

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GRASS GIS 6.4.0 RC7 published

Markus Neteler
A new, final release candidate of GRASS 6.4.0 has been published:

Source code download:

Binary download (made available over the next days):

 Since the 6.3.0 release in April 2008 almost 2,900 source code modifications
 have been made to the 6.4.0 release branch. Between 6.4.0RC6 and the current
 6.4.0RC7 more than 180 updates have been submitted, paving the way for the
 upcoming stable release. Much work was dedicated to the new graphical user
 interface and to the winGRASS port.

Release notes:

Thanks to all contributors.
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