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Markus Neteler
Dear Community,

at the FOSS4G 2010 in Barcelona, Spain (,
GRASS will be well represented:

Workshop (
- GRASS Workshop W-14: Practical introduction to GRASS

Tutorial (
- T-02: PyWPS

Keynote (
- Open Source Approach to Geospatial Research and Education:
Accomplishments and Challenges

General Track Presentations (
- Introduction of flood evacuation route search system using
QGIS,PostGIS,GRASS and PgRouting
- Integrating SEXTANTE and GRASS
- ENVIMODEL: Scientific workflows and wps geoprocessing for climate change
- ...

General Track Posters (
- GRASS GIS - The world leading free software GIS
- JGrass and BeeGIS - project status report
- Implementation of Multiprocessing Work-flows in GRASS GIS Production

Academic Track Presentations (
- Comparison of GRASS-LiDAR modules and TerraScan in ground and
vegetation filtering
- Tuning Principal Component Analysis for GRASS GIS on Multicore and
GPU Architectures
- Potential distribution of the tiger mosquito Aedes albopictus in
Northern Italy derived from
   reconstructed MODIS Land Surface Temperature maps
- ...

Academic Track Posters (
- Some new GRASS modules to orthorectify high-resolution satellite images
- Evaluating Landscape conecctivity based on cummulative cost raser
using GRASS and PostGIS
- Embedding GRASS GIS
- Advanced KML with GRASS GIS
- Time Series Landsat Images Classification in GRASS GIS: Case Study in
   Upper Serayu Watershed, Indonesia
- Automatic procedure for superficial landslide hazard mapping using GRASS

Furthermore during FOSS4G:

- WPS BoF planned with on Sept 8th between 18:00 to 19:00

Hope to see you all at FOSS4G !

Best regards,

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