GRASS 6.2.3RC1 released

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GRASS 6.2.3RC1 released

Markus Neteler-3
A first release candidate of the new 6.2.3 has been published today:
 grass-6.2.3RC1.tar.gz (12M)

It will be on the mirrors within 1-2 days.

Some issues have been resolved:
    * gis.m: georectifier tool documented
    * r.out.bin: fixed too short buffer which would sometimes crash R-GRASS interface
    * v.db.update: backported fixes for numeric value types (Debian #434897)
    * GUI crash of g.region with accented characters (non English locale)
    * gis.m: maptool crash fixed
    * silently ignore --quiet and --verbose command line switches

The related Wiki page which also list the contributors is here:

Please test this release candidate as much as possible.
Thanks to all contributors and testers.

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