GN3.4.3 harvest problem

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GN3.4.3 harvest problem

I cannot resolve my harvesting problem.  I have a remote production
server ( with about 500
metadata records.  When I harvest to a local server running GN3.4.4, I
successfully transfer 485 records ONLY.

Examining the harvest log, I see documentation for 14 missing records. I
parse these records for description of error, log row of error, uuid,
metadata row and column (if present).  Using the uuid I determine the
metadata title, download the records as MEFs, determine the mef size,
and validation documentation (always 0 errors, no GN or ISO schematron
errors, and varying URL validations [ which do not seem to indicate any
pattern]).  For those records with an indicated 0x0 character, I have
examined the files in hex mode with a text editor, and there are no
false characters.  I summarize my investigation as attached xlsx file.

I have examined the downloaded metadata with an external validator
(Kernow/Saxon), and there are no errors indicated in the metadata records.

I am stumped as to why these particular records will not harvest, and
would appreciate any suggestions.

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