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[GN] : add an author for a dataset


Hi all,


If we want to add a party with the role of “author” (definition in 19115 : party who authored the resource ) for the data (in RespParty), you have to correct the actual schema in GN :


Go to [GN directory]/web/xml/schemas/iso19115 and open the schema.xsd. Search the sentence:

<xs:attributeGroup name="attlist_RoleCd">

    <xs:attribute name="value" use="required">


        <xs:restriction base="xs:token">

          <xs:enumeration value="resourceProvider"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="custodian"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="owner"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="user"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="distributor"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="originator"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="pointOfContact"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="principalInvestigator"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="processor"/>

          <xs:enumeration value="publisher"/>






And add <xs:enumeration value="author"/> after publisher (and before </xs:restriction>). Don’t forget to save.


Restart GN and it will be good when you create/modify a metadata !


In the french context, it could be very important because the author(s) have specific copyrights.



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