GN 3.4 SOS services not harvested

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GN 3.4 SOS services not harvested

Hi everyone,

in a fresh GN 3.4 installation I'm trying to harvest SOS services.
I set-up the harvester (i.e. the name, frequency, group, user, URL, service
type SOS1.0.0, ..., XLS transformation to apply).
Unfortunately I have the following error:

org.fao.geonet.utils.Xml (382) #transform
(452) #buildServiceRecordFromCapabilities
(326) #addMetadata
(237) #harvest
org.fao.geonet.kernel.harvest.harvester.ogcwxs.OgcWxSHarvester (152) #doHarvest
org.fao.geonet.kernel.harvest.harvester.AbstractHarvester$HarvestWithIndexProcessor (654) #process
org.fao.geonet.kernel.harvest.harvester.AbstractHarvester (726) #harvest
org.fao.geonet.kernel.harvest.harvester.HarvesterJob (69)
org.quartz.core.JobRunShell (213) #run
org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$WorkerThread (557)

I searched in the mailing list answers, but no hints on how solve it.
Could anyone help me?



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