GN Missing update of <gmd:dateStamp> with Batch Editing

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GN Missing update of <gmd:dateStamp> with Batch Editing

Hi out there,

currently I am testing GN for editing metadata. Could anybody check
this one:

I am logged in as an editor. I have already created two new metadata records
(ISO 19xxx). Now I would like to change the extent of these two records.

In the menue I click on "Contribute / Batch editing". I choose the two
metadata records.
"Define edits" >> I draw the new "Spatial extent".
"Apply changes" >> "Save"

After that the spatial extent has changed indeed :-)

The bad thing is: The xml-element
is still the same. The DateTime has not changed. It has not been updated.

So nobody is able to get to know that the metadata record was updated. This
is a problem for a harvester coming along and is only looking for existing
metadata records which have been updated. (Could be a problem for CSW-T
giving away only the changed metadata, I donĀ“t know.)

If a metadata record gets changed by anybody with the rights to do so, the
DateTime has to be updated as well. There is no exception according to
German SDI-achitecture. I have come across this problem several times in the
spatial data infrastructure of Lower Saxony this year already. Most people
forget to change DateTime, e.g. if they update their metadata records with
some kind of automatic process.

Could anybody fix the problem, please or at least put it into the
GN-bugtracker? I have no editing rights for the bugtracker.

Thanks in advance.

Greetings from Anja

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