GN 3.2 child/parent lineage value doesn't change

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GN 3.2 child/parent lineage value doesn't change

Hi all,

I have just realised that there is a visualization problem of the field
'Lineage' in a parent/child metadata organization.
In a parent metadata I have textA in the lineage field. In the child lineage
field textB. Once I saved I visualize the lineage of the parent (textA) even
in the child lineage (where I was expecting to read textB).

I tried to clear the browser cache and reload the parent metadata. The
lineage is changed with the right one. However, if I click on a child I read
the same lineage of the of the parent.
Am I wrong? Is that correct or it is a problem/bug? Any idea in case on how
to solve?

Not checked if other field do the same.



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