GN 3.0.4, template header malformed ? multilingual trouble

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GN 3.0.4, template header malformed ? multilingual trouble

I installed a geonetwork 3.0.4 with the .war provided
The platform is a debian 8, with tomcat8
The configuration is left as it is after the installation, just inserted the iso19139 scheme from the admin console

I created a new record from the iso19139 multilingue template
I just tryed to check the validation tab and got 228 errors.
The first one explain that it cannot find the xsd file

If i suppress this line in the metadata namespace list : xsi :schemaLocation= > ../schema.xsd >,
Then the validation process found only 4 errors

But in both case, the visualisation of the record in several languages shows that not all fields are displayed when i swith the UI from one language to another.
That's it, all fields are shown in english view, but some of them are missing in french for instance (contact, lineage, ...)

Does anyone have some experience with these problems ?

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