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[GN 3.0.4] Inspire view changes

Marco Spagnulo

i'm working to the inspire view and i have some problem and doubts to
resolve. Our goal is to modify the view to make it compliant to the
official inspire view (http://inspire-geoportal.ec.europa.eu/editor/).
So my question is: why in the inspire view there are some missing fields?

After few work i modified the inspire view and now it contains all the
official inspire fields and the fields you added for interoperability.
The problem is that almost all the field i have moved presents some
problem like:

  - autocomplete function is disappeared;
  - is possible to remove the field without the add button (how can i
remove the delete function from a field?)
  - some field with the add action not displaying the label. The label
become visible after clicking on the add button
  - input text are visible only after clicking the add button. I need to
show the input text at start of the process

Regards and thanks in advance for any answer,

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