[GN 3.0.1] Thesaurus keyword with multilanguage

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[GN 3.0.1] Thesaurus keyword with multilanguage

Marco Spagnulo

i need to know more information about thesaurus keyword in multilanguage mode. When i create a new record with ui and metadata language setted to italian i cannot edit it with ui language setted with another value.
The error that geonetwork show me seems to be clear:

Warning! Keywords ["Sistemi di coordinate","Orto immagini","Copertura del suolo"] not found in thesaurus. This may happen when keywords are in a language that is not in the current user interface language. Multilingual keywords editing is not supported. Those keywords will not be modified by this editing session unless you remove this thesaurus section.

So my question is, i had to change the ui language in fuction of the metadata language of the record before edit it? There is no way to automatically translate the thesaurus keywords?
The issue in view mode does not occur, the keywords are correctly translated according to ui language.


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