GEOS 3.7.0alpha release tomorrow

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GEOS 3.7.0alpha release tomorrow

Regina Obe
I had already flipped the version on GEOS to 3.7.0alpha and I just tested my
experimental tagging.

I'm planning to officially tag GEOS 3.7.0alpha tomorrow, anyone have issue
with that?

Again this is not quite a feature freeze, but just to get our machinery
rolling and it will be the first tag we've done since moving to git.

After I tag, I'm going to switch development to  3.7.0beta1dev (after I
confirm scripts don't break using this new standard).

I was hoping I'd have all the bots working.  
Sadly in my prepping for release, I discovered most bots in various degrees
of disrepair

So all bots are now live except for gitlab and github.

Gitlab is whining about the yaml, but I confirmed it's not the yaml by
forking and being able to run on my own geos gitlab mirror, so it's
something screwed up (I suspect beyond our control on gitlab)

Github it appears the osgeo/geos is no longer associated with travis.  I
think this stopped working about 14 days ago and probably done to free up
some workers.  I'd like to move GEOS out of OSGeo org on Github and back on
its own like it was before

So move here:

from here:

Then we will not be under the OSGeo worker limits.

Preferably before we release 3.7.  I'll put out a vote on that separately.

Or we could just do with not having travis as another option.


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Re: GEOS 3.7.0alpha release tomorrow

Even Rouault-2
>it appears the osgeo/geos is no longer associated with travis.

Ah, I probably should have warned more loudly. Sorry for this. Due to the
upgrade to the paid plan, the OSGeo Travis account has been migrated to (anyway all projects even in the free tier will be migrated to
it before the end of the year)

So follow now :

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