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Fwd: redirection of tiles

Christoph Lingg
Hi all,

i am still struggling to get my problem solved: with tilecache_seed we want to render a area of the world, for the rest of the world we would like to provide the osm tiles.

I first thought about hacking tilecache's code and make a header redirection to the osm tiles. But finally I changed to an another approach with two layers in the tilecache.cfg:

The first layer should display the osm tiles by downloading the tiles from the osm server and caching them on disk. The second layer is our customized layer and will be rendered using tilecache_seed. This tiles can then be copied to the disk repository of the osm layer and replace those tiles partly.

This approach worked already with the basic layer included into the tilecache.cfg. But I couldn't find a solution to cache the osm tiles, which are stored in a z/y/x way: http://c.tile.openstreetmap.org/16/34619/22956.png

I would be very thankful for any hint or help! Is this even possible?

Kind regards,

> Hello everybody,
> we are rendering our customized mapnik map with tilecache. For performance reasons we are only able to provide a subset of the worlds tiles. Nevertheless we want to provide tiles for the whole world and are thinking to fall back to the osm tiles for this unrendered regions.
> Thats why we want to change the code of tilecache to redirect calls to openstreetmaps tile server. I would like to make this redirection depending on the bounding box and the resolution. As the tilecache code is very new for me I would like to ask you for some hints where and how it is the best way to adjust the code.
> Thank you very much!
> Christoph
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