Fwd: The NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2017 is off to a roaring start!

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Fwd: The NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2017 is off to a roaring start!

Artur Gil-2
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The NASA World Wind Europa Challenge 2017 is off to a roaring start!

The top six (6) teams will be invited, all expenses paid, travel and
lodging for five days, that include the final three days to ^show your
stuff^ 29-30-31 August.

This is in addition to the NASA Crystal Bull award, resume gold and
some really cool cash. Not to mention cozy long-sleeve NASA shirts and
NASA certificates just for qualifying.

Our world very quickly needs to find a way for us to begin working
harmoniously, advancing each other's interest while serving our own.
It will help if we are oriented to one platform for building 'smart
city' urban management solutions, ESA-NASA WebWorldWind [1].

ESA & NASA are jointly advancing WebWorldWind, the latest version of
the NASA World Wind family, and the world's oldest virtual globe
platform, open source since inception in 2002. Let's rock the world
'for the benefit of all' by sharing our solutions!

Your CitySmart web app, based on the ESA-NASA WebWorldWind virtual
globe SDK, needs to be ready for the first round of judging 7 August.
This gives you ten weeks to make something good happen. There are
plenty of examples, all open source, from previous years [2] along
with some NASA World Wind Research projects, all open source [3].

By 7 August you simply need a webpage that describes your web app, a
three-minute video of your web app in action, and your open source
code accessible, i.e., via github or other. The judges, an
international panel of GIS experts, will decide which six teams get
the all-expense paid trip, and you will get ^the news^ 5 days later.
And then on August 29 the finals begin with YOU there in Helsinki!

Are you ready for Helsinki? Helsinki is ready for you!
One of the most livable cities in the world! [4]

[1] https://worldwind.arc.nasa.gov/
[2] http://eurochallenge.como.polimi.it/
[3] https://github.com/NASAWorldWindResearch
[4] https://www.helsinkismart.fi/helsinki-in-the-top-ten-most-liveable-cities-in-the-world/

Patrick Hogan, NASA, Project Manager
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[hidden email]