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Tom Kralidis
Hi all: FYI per below. Great opportunity to complete Items such as OSGeo incubation or key enhancements. 

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From: Steve Lehr <[hidden email]>
Date: December 7, 2016 at 13:52:18 EST
To: Daniel Morissette <[hidden email]>, "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]>
Subject: [TOSprint] Code Sprint in Daytona Beach

Hello Sprinters:

The University is very excited to have you all come down to Daytona Beach, and support your Open Source Development.   

I'm working on plans -
Feb 7th we'll have an opening reception 3-7 (like to have a few folks present what they are working on), like to introduce the University to OSGEO and its projects so if you can whip together a looping power point with a few screen shots of the problems you are solving, that could be run on a screen to talk about it with faculty/students that would be great.  Doesn't have to be sophisticated, pictures are great, and lists of tools used, and snapshot of some code is always cool; it is after all a code sprint and we are pretty much all coders!

I would be great to start getting a head count with the event 2 months from today, as I'm also trying to arrange an event at the Daytona International Speedway Thursday night, like a VIP tour, and dinner/beers.  There should be drivers test driving their cars on the track, so it will be cool to see the cars whipping by at 170MPH.

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University - ERAU - has seen the need for GIS more and more, and we have a "Google Self Driving Car Project", tons of Autonomous Vehicle projects, route planning/tracking with air craft, homeland security, weather, as well as a Computer Science and Software Engineering Departments.    If you are interested in presenting, please let me know ([hidden email])

We choose not to get a hotel block, but by far the best place is the Marriott right next to the University.   If there's interest, I can try to get that code block again, we'd need to get 20 rooms, though....I believe is was quoted at 114.00 a night for 2 double beds, and breakfast for 2.  So if you are traveling with someone, that could be a good way to do it in expensively and literally walk to the college and to the airport if you wanted.

For the most part, I would suggest not getting a car.  Once we see where folks are staying, I'll get with the University and get vans to drive us around.  Like hotel, college, dinner, and back.  You might need to grab an Uber to/from the airport, but its like 2 miles, and if a bunch of folks come in on same flights, I'm sure we can arrange some transportation.

Looking forward to seeing you all in February (hope it gets real cold where you are soon, so you'll get motivation to commit and come on down).  Also Disney World, Kennedy Space Center (NASA) are an 75 minutes from here, so you might want to add those to your trip?

Thanks and see you soon.
Steve Lehr

From: TOSprint [[hidden email]] on behalf of Daniel Morissette [[hidden email]]
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2016 7:28 PM
To: [hidden email]
Subject: Re: [TOSprint] Proposal for Code Sprint in Daytona Beach (please vote on dates)

Hello Sprinters,

The Doodle is closed and we have a clear winner:

   Feb 7 to 10, 2017 - 4 days, Tue-Fri

Steve will confirm the reservation at the college for those dates and we
will update the wiki and carry on with the planning and keep this list


On 2016-11-11 10:54 AM, Daniel Morissette wrote:
Thank you Steve for the update and the airport information.

I added the airport info to the wiki page:


I also just cross-posted a note/reminder to some of the project lists to
share the plan with those who may not be watching this list, and invite
them to vote.

How about we keep the voting open until early next week? Perhaps on
Tuesday? Hopefully that works for you?


On 2016-11-11 10:14 AM, Steve Lehr wrote:
It would be ideal to wrap up voting, next week so we can finalize the
room reservations with the college.  I know its difficult to commit, but
the college will shutdown for US Thanksgiving, and the end of semester
craziness and then its Christmas/New Year.  Heck from a business
perspective there's only 4 weeks left till the New Year (at best).

Really looking forward to having you all here in Daytona Beach!!

Airports to look at DAB - Daytona Beach International - Connects thru
Atlanta on Delta, Charolette NC on American Airlines, and JFK from Jet
Blue   this might help with connections ideas:

DAB is super easy in/out 5 minutes away from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical
University, actually the college is situated off the runway for the
flight school.  Here are the other airports that might be cheaper on the
surface, but between having to commute another hour plus the extra time
dealing with the airports...DAB is probably $200 more to fly in/out of,
but you save hours of transportation time and costs.  Of course if you
are hitting Disney World while you are here or something, then fly out
of Orlando or Sanford.  Or Kennedy Space Center which is an hour South,
you could fly out of Melbourne FL or again Orlando.  MCO is the main
Orlando airport and probably has the "cheapest flights" because of the
volume, but security takes a good bit of time, and typically you need to
check in 90 minutes early, and traffic in Orlando can build quickly.

SFB is about 50 minutes South West and typically has good deals on
Allegiant Airlines (no-frills)  http://www.orlandosanfordairport.com/

MCO is about 90 minutes West in Orlando FL

JAX is about 90 minutes North in Jacksonville FL

From:* TOSprint [[hidden email]] on behalf of Jody
Garnett [[hidden email]]
*Sent:* Tuesday, November 08, 2016 1:39 PM
*To:* Daniel Morissette
*Cc:* OSGeo Code Sprint List
*Subject:* Re: [TOSprint] Proposal for Code Sprint in Daytona Beach
(please vote on dates)

Thanks Steve / Daniel - and to everyone voting thus far.

I have to think ahead with respect to planning (if Boundless is in
position to send more people). How soon could we decide on dates?

Jody Garnett

On 4 November 2016 at 12:34, Daniel Morissette <[hidden email]
<[hidden email]>> wrote:

   Hello, Sprinters,

   Following our recent discussions about possible venues for the 2017
   Code Sprint, we've had some exchanges off-list with Steve Lehr to
   confirm the feasibility of the sprint in Daytona Beach since that
   was the option that seemed to trigger the most interest. (I'm
   writing this on behalf of Steve Lehr)

   Well, we have some great news today! Steve has got confirmation from
   Daytona State College for a large room with great WIFI access ...
   The college is 5 minutes from DAB Airport, and walking distance to
   hotels and food, etc:


   There are two dates to consider: Feb 7-11 or Feb 28-March 4 to avoid
   conflicts with the Daytona 500 Feb 26th, and Bike Week March 10-19.

   Oh, in return for the use of the space the college would appreciate
   if we could organize a ~2 hours session for students and personnel
   on OSGeo technologies. With the quality of the people and projects
   attending the sprint, I'm sure filling a two hour session would not
   be a problem at all, right?

   The next step would be to confirm this plan and decide on the dates.
   Let's use a Doodle open for about a week for that, and if we have
   enough confirmations of interest via the Doodle survey then Steve
   can go ahead and confirm the reservation, etc.

   If you are interested in participating, then please go ahead and
   vote here:

   And BTW, there is a draft wiki page with a few more details here.
   Feel free to add to it as you wish:


   Thanks a lot to Steve for his hard work on this so far!

   Daniel Morissette
   T: +1 418-696-5056 #201 <<a href="tel:%2B1%20418-696-5056%20%23201">tel:%2B1%20418-696-5056%20%23201>

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Daniel Morissette
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