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Fwd: [SDI-Europe] AGILE e-Newsletter #4 - September/November 2007

Markus Neteler
The AGILE association could be a candidate to be better informed about
OSGeo and related projects.

Maybe OSGeo become member there or OSGeo members become/are
already members?

Just my 0.02 cents

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Subject: [SDI-Europe] AGILE e-Newsletter #4 - September/November 2007
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AGILE e-Newsletter #4 - September/November 2007
The Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe
(AGILE) was established in early 1998 to promote academic teaching and
research on GIS at the European level and to ensure the continuation
of the networking activities that have emerged as a result of the EGIS
Conferences and the European Science Foundation GISDATA Scientific
AGILE seeks to ensure that the views of the geographic information
teaching and research community are fully represented in the
discussions that take place on future European research agendas and it
also provides a permanent scientific forum where geographic
information researchers can meet and exchange ideas and experiences at
the European level.

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