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Fwd: Re help with parsing grc/grd files in python

Venkat Gorripati


I am trying to parse some .grc/.grd/.tab files (mapinfo Gis tool files) and get some data as data-frame and write to Hive


One of my colleague wrote this in R


He is using rgdal and raster libraries


Here is his code to process grc file


parse_grc <- function(file_name){


tab_grc <- raster(paste0(file_name, ".grc"))

grc_data <- as.data.frame(rasterToPoints(tab_grc))

coordinates(grc_data) <- ~x+y

crs(grc_data) <- crs(tab_grc)

grc_data <- spTransform(grc_data, CRS("+proj=longlat +datum=WGS84"))

site_info <- as.data.frame(tab_grc@data@attributes)


grc_data %>%

  as.tibble() %>%

  rename(id = contains(".")) %>%

  inner_join(site_info, c("id" = "ID")) %>%

  select(-id) %>%

  rename(sector = category) %>%

  mutate(flname = file_name) %>%

  separate(flname, into = c("type", "mkt", "band"),

           sep = "-", remove = TRUE) -> grc_df





In Python , I am using gdal , but Did not find the API’s like the once in R


Do you know any other libraries in Python that are close to rasters library in R 


Any direction is much appreciated





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