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Markus Neteler
FYI - we need to check the GRASS GIS related parts:

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From: Jody Garnett <[hidden email]>
Date: Mon, Jan 8, 2018 at 8:10 AM
Subject: [Projects] Website 15th relaunch - projects
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Great news coming out of last weeks system admin meeting - the OSGeo
website is scheduled to go live Jan 15th.

- https://staging.www.osgeo.org
- login with your OSGeo id and fill in your profile information
- please share with your project team and ask them to login list
themselves as contributors
- double check you are happy with your project page

The project pages are here:
- https://staging.www.osgeo.org/projects/
- https://staging.www.osgeo.org/choose-a-project/

A couple key improvements have been made since our August sprint. When
editing "topic' is now nested and matches exactly all the places you
want to be discoverable in choose-a-project.

Photos are important. Please do your best to find a project team photo
(even just a couple of developers from the last sprint). This website
not only introducing our technology, but also our community - and
showing people is how we accomplish that visually. The other photo
that is important a screen shot showing what the technology can do.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard on this in 2017.
Jody Garnett

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