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Johan Van de Wauw
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From: joost schouppe <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Mar 1, 2016 at 9:11 PM
Subject: Re: [OSM-talk-be] Need help for a mapathon campus géo - 16th April 2016
To: OpenStreetMap Belgium <[hidden email]>


We have a nice conversation with them going now *. This is going to be
pretty big: six universities in the three regions, all working on
OpenStreetMap. We might have some press attention, and it's a great
opportunity to grow our community in five different cities.

We're going to need a lot of volunteers: there are six events, all at
the same time, and there should be at least one mapper at every event.
If you want to help out, please register here:

ULB: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229258344/
VUB: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229258398/
KUL: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229260162/
UGent: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229260255/
UNamur: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229260291/
ULG: http://www.meetup.com/OpenStreetMap-Belgium/events/229260644/

In the ideal case, that mapper is willing to give an introduction
about OpenStreetMap, the Missing Maps and get people started mapping
in iD. You do not have to be an expert, but of course it would be easy
if you have a bit of African mapping experience. You can make your own
presentation if you want to, but we're co-creating all the material
you need.
If you don't like to do presentations, maybe you can just help new
mappers, stuck when choosing between tertiary road and track.

Or you could help in the preparation of the documentation and
presentations. Here's an overview of the tasks, includes some
translation work.
Feel free to edit as you please.


* give me a shout if you want in on the whole conversation; as we
replied and replied some CC's got lostà.

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