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Markus Neteler

FYI, it would be nice to participate.
Anyone here willing to take over?


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From: Steven Feldman <[hidden email]>
Date: Mo., 18. März 2019, 12:33
Subject: [OSGeo-Discuss] Product management in OSGeo projects
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I am doing a little bit of research into product management strategies and processes within OSGeo. The purpose is to inform a talk that I hope to present at FOSS4G and/or FOSS4GUK later in the year.

My aim is to explore and compare approaches to product management across several well known OSGeo projects.

Amongst the questions that I will try to answer

  • Does the Open Source collaborative development model incorporate and support product management disciplines?
  • Are there formal product management strategies within the OSGeo Community?
  • How is a roadmap developed?
  • Are there best practices that we can learn from and share?
If you are a member of a Project Steering Committee and would be willing to participate in this research effort by completing a short survey and possibly a follow up interview please contact me or forward this mail to someone within your project who might be interested in participating.

Thanks for any help

Steven Feldman

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