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Fwd: [OSGeo Africa] Introducing GeoNetwork opensource and myself

Jeroen Ticheler-3
Hi Gaby,
I think there may be something wrong with your indexes. I can see  
metadata records in the recently updated list, but they don't show up  
when searching. Searching uses the Lucene indexes and these are  
automatically build if not available and will be maintained when  
updating or adding records. You may want to check if these have been  
updated recently, or otherwise remove them and restart the site so  
they will be rebuild. let me know if this is indeed the case? The  
Lucene index files are located in the ../web/WEB-INF/lucene/ folder.  
You can safely remove all the files within this folder.

Begin forwarded message:

On Jun 21, 2006, at 3:12 PM, Gaby van Wyk wrote:

> Hi Jeroen
> You may remember that I mailed you on the Geonetwork list about the  
> Well we've done a bit of work already - have a look at it:
> For the rest, you are welcome to play around with the metadata already
> loaded (some 3500 records).
> We are now busy setting up the SANS (South African National Standards)
> implementation. Anyone interested in helping? :-)
> Gaby