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From: María Arias de Reyna <[hidden email]>
Date: Tue, Jul 23, 2019 at 11:23 AM
Subject: OSGeo AGM 2019 - FOSS4G Bucharest
To: OSGeo Discussions <[hidden email]>

Hello GeoFolks!

We are already editing the AGM slides for this year. All chapters,
projects and initiatives are invited to present on our annual meeting
their status updates, their plans for the future and their past
achievements. This is going to be one minute of fame and shine, don't
let it pass! It is important for all of us to know what is happening
everywhere. OSGeo is huge and this is the best way to get a summary of
all the amazing work we are doing!

The slides are here:
If you want to edit it and still don't have privileges to do so,
please let me know and tell me which team you represent so I can give
you privileges.

The rule is KISS[0]: We all have to fit in the time slot of the
closing plenary session[1], so make sure you use only one (or two)
slides per team. Be quick and fair. I will be moderating and I am
going to be very strict: those who exceed their time assigned will
walk the plank[2] out of the scenario. I won't make exceptions because
that means that the latest groups will have less time (or no time) to
shine. If I have to cut a phrase in half, don't doubt it, I will.

We won't know how much time each team will have until we know how many
teams are going to present. But considering previous years, in
average, you will have 45 seconds, including the time to enter
scenario and moving out. This means: every speaker has to be already
on the back of the scenario while the previous presenter is talking.
Don't wait for any moderator to introduce you, just start talking when
the previous speaker is done. You only have one minute for everything
you are going to do on the scenario. If you are not on the scenario
when your time starts, you may not be able to present.

I will contact each group in the following days to make sure everyone
is aware, but don't wait for me to start assembling a team to work on

Some examples of good slides:

Have a nice day!
María Arias de Reyna, President of OSGeo.

[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle
[1] https://2019.foss4g.org/schedule/full-schedule/
[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walking_the_plank

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