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Dear list,

I know we are very busy with the organisation of the next FOSS4G.BE
conference held on October 26, 2017. But this topic deserves also our

As a local Chapter we want to promote the use, education and creation of
open source, not only for our own community (FOSS4G), but also to the
broad public, who still have to detect how fun and efficiënt we are
based on open technology and mindsets.

Last year we (OSGeo.be) organised a track on the BeGeo conference (march
2017). More than 1000 visitors came to tour & taxi where we provided
content and explained about our community and the software.

I went to the kick-off meeting last week (minutes included in
attachment). This year there will be *no* commercial presentations. And
the tracks are organised per theme.

The goal is to waive the academic track into the theme sessions, which
is imho not a bad idea. But I don't see how we can do this for OSGeo...
Maybe we should all use the same template for our presentation and make
the difference like this.

My questions are:
- do we as an organisation support BeGeo 2018?
- How can we bring OSGeo to the theme's? (or the conference)
- should we apply for a booth?
- who likes to volunteer?
- propositions for extra tracks?
- Which track could be of interest to lead (from OSGeo perspective) -
Copernicus? State of the art INSPIRE? Find your way in geo data
jungle/geo for dummies (with OSGeo Live as central theme?)

I want to volunteer to coördinate, but I need your help for idea's,
input, and at last for persentations...

Thanks in advance for your valuable input


Dear all,


Please find minutes of last week’s meeting.

Hope to see many of you, and *please give some thought to top content
for our tracks; good mix, with intent to attract an even broader
audience, eg industries leveraging/ benefitting from geo data.*

All suggestions for motivated track leaders are  also welcome; they will
be involved as early as possible to scoop their track.


Have a nice day,




*Yves Schellekens*

*Business Group Leader Industries*

Digital (Telecom) industries

*T. *+32 2 706 80 59
*M. *+32 476 98 90 32

80 Bd A. Reyers Ln, 1030 BRUSSELS






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