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Fwd: Java and Database programmer or programmers needed. (Back end Java)

Iván Sánchez Ortega

Me informan de una oferta de curro para Leaflet/OpenLayers + PostGIS + Java EE
+ React, que no tiene mala pinta.

Lo enviaría a osgeo-jobs, pero es que es requisito indispensable el
bilingüismo español/inglés.

Interesados escribir a Vlad <[hidden email]>.


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Hey you can show this to people, this is one of the projects we are

Bilingual (Spanish/English) Java Developers - Mapping Software Backend
Work on a project to rewrite, improve and integrate with upstream systems
mapping software databases (3d geolocation maps, 3d environment maps,
geolocated images databases) for software that will assist utility
companies in visualizing their physical network in the field when they work
to fix or improve it.

You would need to have experience with and good working knowledge of the
following:  (If you are not proficient  in some of these you would need to
be able to get up to speed very quickly)

   - jQuery
   - OpenLayers or Leaflet
   - Postgres and PostGIS a big plus if they have that or general
   relational database SQL if not.
   - JAX-RS
   - Java EE

Not essential, but very useful is to have experience wtih  React,

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Subject: Re: Java and Database programmer or programmers needed. (Back end
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2016 04:35:44 -0400
From: Vlad T <[hidden email]>

Yes please show this to ppl you know who might be qualified for this job

Some background on the project:

we are organizing a project to rewrite a mapping system for a company thats
providing real time solutions for utility companies to easier identify and
operate on their network in the field.

Specifically we will add augmented reality to the tools so that people can
point the phones or tablets in field and see the network layout
underground, location of nearest switching stations and so on. also they
would need this map to integrate with all their other systems etc.

the company we are working with has a fully functional 2d mapping system
which already identifies all the relevant utility infrastructure on a 2d
map.  So the rewrite of the back end will needprac a full 3d vr map of
spaces maybe and even be able to support for multi story city maps or

Over the next 18 months we intend to create a toolkit of sorts that
combines vr mapping  generation techniques and methods such as scanning 3d
space, using prebuilt 3d models of space or buildings/structures, and
satellite/typographical maps combined with geolocated streams coming from
users phones, with a number of interfaces to prresent or use this data.
The interfaces would consist of augmented reality solutions, virtual
reality solutions, and spacial solutions such as immersive media

This toolkit can then be deployed for various other applications.
For example one of the first uses of it will be an app that will access the
database of all the spots where various park officials sprayed Monsanto
cancerous anti weed chemicals.  So you will be able to point the phone and
it will show you on screen that's also showing your camera feed the spots
where the chemicals are with cross and bones symbol....
But beyond that, the really powerful application of this tool will be a
mesh based social network where people can instatenusly exchange key
information about their environment.  A mix of collaborative, communication
and data exchange tools with interfaces designed to facilitate coordination
within time and space....

The time frame of this project will be 18 months, but it might extend if
more funding or other clients materializes
Iván Sánchez Ortega <[hidden email]> <[hidden email]>
<[hidden email]>
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