Fwd: Invalid Byte Sequence Error when using st_bandpath

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Fwd: Invalid Byte Sequence Error when using st_bandpath

Tumasgiu Rossini
Hello list,

I came across an error using st_bandpath,
When using PostgreSQL binary output format, executing the function on
rasters registered with UNC paths fails with error message :

"22021: invalid byte sequence for encoding « WIN1252 » : 0x00"

When using Text mode, the functions works correctly.

My guess is that the first character of a UNC path which is a
backslash is considered as an escape sequence.
But it seems you can't escape the first two backslashes when
using raster2pgsql (tried \\\\, /\/\, doublequoted path and
every combination of these three).

My configuration :
Windows 7
Postgres 9.3.5
Postgis 2.1.3
Database using WIN1252 Encoding and French_France.1252 collate.
Client encoding : UTF-8

Thank for reading.

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