Fwd: Introduction and My MS4W Installation Video

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Fwd: Introduction and My MS4W Installation Video

This is a video tutorial done by a young student (aged 13-17 years old)
as part of OSGeo's involvement in the Google Code-in program, and
installs Mapbender!  So special, really special.


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> Hello! My name is Neev Mistry (Eric1234), and I am working on the task
> "MapServer: Make a video tutorial on how to install MS4W on Windows" for
> the 2017 Google Code-In. Here is the link to my video:
> https://youtu.be/Rv6KRiBjVp8 <https://youtu.be/Rv6KRiBjVp8>
> I am looking forward to being a part of the MS4W community!

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