Fwd: Helping promote Cloud Native Geospatial in Africa?

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Fwd: Helping promote Cloud Native Geospatial in Africa?

Gavin Fleming-4
A reminder that today is a STAC and CoGeo outreach day and data sprint, see the message below from Chris Holmes

STAC, recently got to 1.0.0-beta release. We're running our next 'sprint', but this time we decided to expand the scope to include Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF's, and to make it more accessible to new people. So it's now the Cloud Native Geospatial Outreach Day & Sprint

The first ask is if you would be interested in participating. It's soon - next tuesday, September 8th (I pretty much organize these on my own and often run behind). You can sign up to attend at https://forms.gle/yiBh6oMv8wCjFb9F9 There's an outreach day that should be interesting, and then if anyone is interested in working on the 'data sprint' to convert interesting data to COG/STAC and show how it can be used that'd be awesome. I think there should be a new STAC plugin for QGIS released in the next week, but there are likely improvements that could be made.

And I'm not sure how much COG's are in your workflow, but if they are at all it could be cool to give a lightning talk. We're also making a big effort to try to make the event more accessible to people with less geospatial background, so if you'd be interested in giving an 'intro to qgis' or any other geo tech that could fit in well to, as we want some sessions for people without software or geo background. We can't offer much, but presenters will get STAC hooded sweatshirts. No worries if that doesn't fit since you're usually paid for training, but you can keep it short and promote other offerings. For presenting either lightning talk or 'intro session' just submit at https://forms.gle/W8oUURdKQhbJD6kd6

The other ask is that I'm also trying to make a concerted push to encourage people in African countries to join us. Two of our sponsors are Digital Earth Africa and the World Bank, and they've sponsored some specific prizes (nice swag, or gift cards) for people participating from Africa, as well as a number of awards that are for general newcomers. See the awards google doc for details. 

We're also running a 'data labeling contest' that uses Azavea‚Äôs Groundwork to allow anyone with a browser to help make a new COG+STAC dataset. So that even if people don't have software/geo background like you they can contribute and be eligible for prizes. This is all part of our effort to better welcome new people to our community, and we'll also have a number of the 'intro sessions' that help people get up to speed, even with little background.

If you have any ideas of lists, sites or people to reach out to, or would be willing to forward this message to others, I'd really appreciate it. Or can also retweet. Just let me know. Hope all is going well with you!

best regards,


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